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The ALPB Board of Directors has rejected the following initiatives for trial during the 2015 Championship Season based on the recommendations by The Pace of Play Committee:

  1. Test use of outside chest protector to help umpires call high strikes
    1. NOTES: Do not recommend due to a) time it would take for umpires (all of whom have been trained in the use of inside protectors) to acclimate to outside protectors; b) the ongoing requirement that they enforce the parameters of the entire strike zone regardless of equipment
  1. Utilize an extra inning tiebreaker so that, beginning in the 11th inning of any game, the player in the batting order immediately preceding that inning’s leadoff hitter will be placed on second base. The inning will otherwise proceed as usual, with each team getting a turn at bat
    1. NOTES: Do not recommend due to a) it is unlikely that a similar rule will be adopted by MLB; b) regardless of a (tie-breaker) feature which would not charge a run to the pitcher, it still results in a loss for the pitcher; c) ALPB Clubs have adequate pitching depth on rosters to deal with extra inning games; d) fundamentally changes the game of baseball