League Office

The Atlantic League (ALPB) is governed by a Board of Directors with each Club having a Director and Alternate. League President Rick White oversees day-to-day operations. ALPB Board members have owned and operated more than two dozen minor league teams at all levels of professional baseball, and have developed more than 20 modern multi-use ballparks.


Club Director Alternate
Gastonia Brandon Bellamy David Martin
High Point Coy O. Willard, Jr. Pete Fisch
Lancaster Bob Zuckerman Rob Liss
Long Island Frank Boulton Seth Waugh
Southern Maryland Jack Lavoie Michael Wetmore
York Bill Shipley Eric Menzer


Frank Boulton – Chairman and Founder

Rick White – President

Emily Merrill – League Administrator

Steve Shutt – Director of Communications

Andrew Bandstra Director of Social Media