Date Team Player Action
4/12/2024 Long Island 1B Frank Schwindel Signed
4/12/2024 Long Island INF Manuel Geraldo Signed
4/12/2024 Charleston RHP Carlos Reyes Signed
4/12/2024 Charleston INF Juan Santana Signed
4/12/2024 Charleston LHP Nicholas Horvath Signed
4/12/2024 York RHP Michael Horrell Signed
4/12/2024 York LHP Miatt Turner Signed
4/12/2024 York INF Elvis Peralta Signed
4/11/2024 Long Island RHP Trevor Bettencourt Signed
4/11/2024 Long Island RHP Sam Delaplane Signed
4/1/2024 Long Island LHP Emilio Marquez Signed
4/11/2024 Long Island RHP Raynel Espinal Contract purchased by Aguascalientes (Mexico)
4/11/2024 Lancaster OF Trayvon Robinson Signed
4/10/2024 Long Island RHP Daniel Corcino Signed
4/10/2024 Long Island RHP Chris Ellis Signed
4/10/2024 High Point OF Ben Aklinski Signed
4/10/2024 High Point INF Michael Martinez Signed
4/10/2024 High Point LHP Zachary Muckenhirn Signed
4/9/2024 York OF Donovan Casey Signed
4/9/2024 York INF Christian Sepulveda Signed
4/9/2024 York LHP Will Stewart Signed
4/9/2024 York RHP Will Carter Signed
4/9/2024 Staten Island 3B/DH Jimmy Paredes Signed
4/9/2024 Long Island 1B Rixon Wingrove Signed
4/9/2024 Long Island C Aaron Antonini Signed
4/9/2024 Staten Island INF Shane Matheny Signed
4/8/2024 Lexington INF Payton Robertson Signed
4/8/2024 Lexington RHP Dustin Beggs Signed
4/8/2024 Lexington INF Brady Whalen Signed
4/8/2024 Lexington OF Aldenis Sanchez Signed
4/8/2024 Lexington INF Jesus Tavarez Signed
4/8/2024 Lexington INF David Maberry Signed
4/8/2024 Lexington INF Matt Bottcher Signed
4/8/2024 Lexington RHP Nick Laio Signed
4/8/2024 Lexington OF J.C. Encarnacion Signed
4/8/2024 Lexington RHP David Reckers Signed
4/8/2024 Lexington INF Osmy Gregorio Signed
4/8/2024 York INF Colton Welker Signed
4/8/2024 York OF Rudy Martin Signed
4/8/2024 York RHP Jon Olsen Signed
4/8/2024 York RHP Frankie Bartow Signed
4/8/2024 Lancaster INF Isan Diaz Signed
4/8/2024 Lancaster OF Nick Hulsizer Signed
4/8/2024 Lancaster LHP Max Green Signed
4/8/2024 Lancaster RHP Ted Stuka Signed
4/8/2024 Long Island C Joe DeCarlo Placed on Reserve/Retired list
4/6/2024 Staten Island INF Pablo Sandoval Signed
4/5/2024 Staten Island RHP Joe Jones Signed
04/04/2024 Long Island OF Jackie Bradley, Jr. Signed
4/3/2024 Lancaster LHP Brady Tedesco Signed
4/3/2024 Lancaster RHP Jackson Rees Signed
04/03/2024 Staten Island RHP Robbie Baker Signed
04/02/2024 Long Island LHP Wei-Yin Chen Signed
04/02/2024 Staten Island C Robert Brooks Signed
04/02/2024 York RHP Alex Valverde Signed
04/02/2024 York RHP Moises Lugo Signed
04/02/2024 York INF Jamari Baylor Signed
04/02/2024 York C Ciaran Devenney Signed
04/01/2024 Lancaster RHP Carter Raffield Signed
03/31/2024 Staten Island OF Ben Norman Signed
03/29/2024 High Point OF Matthew Barefoot Signed
03/29/2024 High Point OF/1B Nick Longhi Signed
03/29/2024 Staten Island OF Nate Scantlin Traded from Trois Rivieres for PTBNL
03/29/2024 Lancaster RHP Noah Bremer Signed
03/29/2024 Lancaster OF/INF Nick Lucky Signed
03/28/2024 Long Island OF Nick Heath Signed
03/28/2024 Staten Island RHP Mike Shawaryn Signed
3/27/2024 Southern Maryland RHP Shawn Semple Signed
3/27/2024 Southern Maryland RHP Jason Creasy Signed
03/27/2024 Staten Island RHP Christian Capuano Signed
03/26/2024 Long Island RHP Stephen Woods, Jr. Signed
03/25/2024 Staten Island LHP Bryan Warzek Signed
03/21/2024 Lexington RHP Mauricio Cabrera Signed
03/21/2024 Long Island RHP Matt Seelinger Signed
03/19/2024 So Maryland LHP Chase Vinson Signed
03/19/2024 So Maryland OF Khalil Wilson Signed
03/19/2024 So Maryland RHP Garrett Martin Signed
03/19/2024 So Maryland LHP Trevor McGee Signed
03/19/2024 Long Island C Chance Sisco Signed
03/19/2024 Staten Island LHP Christian Allegretti Signed
03/19/2024 Staten Island LHP Aaron Leasher Signed
03/18/2024 Charleston LHP Mack Lemieux Signed
03/14/2024 Hagerstown INF Osvaldo Abreu Signed
03/14/2024 Hagerstown LHP Mike Kickham Signed
03/14/2024 Hagerstown RHP Yeudy Garcia Signed
03/14/2024 Hagerstown C Mike Gulino Signed
03/13/2024 Charleston 1B Keon Barnum Signed
03/13/2024 Charleston RHP Kyle McGowin Signed
03/12/2024 Staten Island RHP Tyler Dyson Signed
03/08/2024 Staten Island LHP J.P. Woodward Signed
03/08/2024 Gastonia LHP Harry Rutkowski Traded to Staten Island for PTBNL
03/07/2024 High Point INF Osvaldo Abreu Sent to Hagerstown for a PTBNL
03/07/2024 So Maryland RHP Cody Thompson Signed
03/07/2024 High Point INF Connor Owings Acquired in trade from Lexington for PTBNL
03/06/2024 Hagerstown OF Welington Dotel Signed
03/06/2024 Hagerstown INF Abiatal Avelino Signed
03/06/2024 Hagerstown LHP Jose Lopez Signed
03/06/2024 Hagerstown INF Luis Yanel Diaz Signed
03/06/2024 Hagerstown RHP Brett Matthews Signed
03/06/2024 Hagerstown RHPEdubray Ramos Signed
03/05/2024 Lexington INF/OF Payton Robertson Acqiored from Cleburne
03/04/2024 So Maryland C Isaias Quiroz Signed
03/04/2024 So Maryland INF Payton Eeles Signed
03/04/2024 So Maryland INF Michael Kohn Signed
03/04/2024 So Maryland INF Aaron Hill Signed
03/04/2024 So Maryland INF Ian Yetsko Signed
03/04/2024 So Maryland INF Logan Thomason Signed
03/04/2024 So Maryland OF Anthony Ray Signed
03/01/2024 Hagerstown Abiatal Avelino Signed
02/29/2024 Lancaster C/OF Chris Proctor Signed
02/28/2024 Long Island RHP Charlie Neuweiler Signed
02/28/2024 Staten Island SS Wilkerman Garcia Signed
02/27/2024 Lexington INF Brandt Broussard Released
02/27/2024 Lexington OF Zach Davis Released
02/27/2024 Lexington C Mitch Ghelfi Released
02/27/2024 Lexington LHP Mike Kickham Released
02/27/2024 Lexington LHP Pat Ledet Released
02/27/2024 Lexington RHP JC Sulbaran Released
02/27/2024 Lexington LHP Stephen Tarpley Released
02/27/2024 Lexington RHP Aaron Ochsenbein Placed on Reserved/Retired List
02/27/2024 Lexington RHP Dakota Mekkes Placed on Reserved/Retired List
02/27/2024 Long Island OF Tyler Dearden Signed
02/27/2024 York RHP Nelvin Correa Signed
02/27/2024 York INF Alfredo Reyes Signed
02/22/2024 Hagerstown RHP Parker Markel Signed
02/22/2024 Hagerstown LHP Joe Palumbo Signed
02/22/2024 Hagerstown OF Eury Perez Signed
02/22/2024 Long Island INF Scott Kelly Signed
02/21/2024 Charleston RHP Gerald Ogando Signed
02/21/2024 Charleston RHP Lance Lusk Signed
02/21/2024 Charleston C Rusber Estrada Signed
02/21/2024 Charleston 1B/OF Daniel Gomez Signed
02/20/2024 Long Island RHP Raynel Espinal Signed
02/20/2024 York RHP Oliver Garcia Signed
02/20/2024 York RHP Ronny Garcia Signed
02/19/2024 Lancaster OF Chad Sedio Signed
02/19/2024 Lancaster RHP Jack Labosky Signed
02/18/2024 High Point LHP Jake Kuchmaner Signed
02/15/2024 Charleston RHP Joan Martinez Signed
02/15/2024 Charleston OF Willy Garcia Signed
02/15/2024 Long Island RHP Justin Alintoff Signed
02/13/2024 Long Island INF Ivan Castillo Signed
02/13/2024 Staten Island INF Stephen Alemais Signed
02/12/2024 Lancaster OF Kyle Hess Signed
02/12/2024 Lancaster RHP Junior Mieses Signed
02/12/2024 Staten Island RHP Ryan Mitschele Traded to Charleston for PTBNL
02/10/2024 Staten Island RHP Ryan Velazquez Signed
02/08/2024 Charleston RHP Cristofer Ogando Signed
02/08/2024 Charleston INF Anderson Tejeda Signed
02/08/2024 Charleston LHP Adrianb Almeida Signed
02/08/2024 Charleston LHP Edison Suriel Signed
02/06/2024 Lancaster RHP Oscar De La Cruz Signed
02/06/2024 Lancaster INF Trace Loehr Signed
02/06/2024 Lexington Cam Touchette Placed on Reserved/Retired List
02/05/2024 Long Island LHP Joe Iorio Placed on Reserved/Retired List
02/05/2024 Staten Island LHP Jairo Labourt Signed
02/02/2024 Staten Island RHP Noe Toribio Signed
02/01/2024 So Maryland C Caleb Marquez Signed
02/01/2024 So Maryland LHP Hunter Schilperoort Signed
02/01/2024 Staten Island RHP Anthony Quattrocchi Signed
01/29/2024 Lexington RHP Aldry Acosta Signed
01/28/2024 Staten Island RHP Mark Faello Signed
01/28/2024 Staten Island RHP John Esposito Signed
01/28/2024 Staten Island UTL Luis Castro Signed
01/28/2024 Staten Island OF Kolby Johnson Signed
01/26/2024 Lexington LHP Juan Pichardo Signed
01/25/2024 Lexington INF Jesus Tavarez Signed
01/25/2024 Lexington 1B/OF David Maberry Signed
01/25/2024 Lexington INF Matt Bottcher Signed
01/25/2024 Long Island INF Luke Becker Placed on Reserved/Retired List
01/24/2024 Lexington OF Cam Touchette Signed
01/24/2024 So Maryland LHP Neil Lang Signed
01/24/2024 So Maryland INF Logan Thomason Signed
01/23/2024 Lexington RHP David Reckers Signed
01/23/2024 Lexington RHP Nic Laio Signed
01/23/2024 Lexington OF JC Encarnacion Signed
01/23/2024 Lexington RHP Yeudy Garcia Released
01/18/2024 Hagerstown Welington Dotel Signed
01/17/2024 Lexington Drew Jemison Signed
01/17/2024 Lexington Cristofer Mezquita Signed
01/17/2024 Lexington Kingston Liniak Signed
01/17/2024 Lexington Osmy Gregorio Signed
01/17/2024 Lexington Raymells Rosa Signed
01/17/2024 Lexington Ryan January Signed
01/17/2024 Lexington Keenan O’Brien Signed